The KL Photo Awards 09'

Monday, May 11, 2009 at 8:59 AM
Being an Art Lover, Photographs everywhere tells plenty for inspiration. Photography has always come naturally to me and I love making stories from pictures. One picture holds a thousand words, and some others a novel. It just takes a little spark from somewhere to get it all started, one photo.

It was held nowhere else than the famous Annexe Gallery(CentralMarket). And my day began with the KL Photo Awards 2009.

The KL Photo Awards had the works of photographers put up on the walls here there and everywhere. I was really liking the works that they had there. Some of them were pretty casual, like the everyday things that we do. The ones where we do all the time but take for granted like looking in a mirror or on a photo where the person just woke up. Some however, were very well composed.
Here's the winning shot. :)

It's a piece by Nikt Wong with the Title : We Bloom from the Series: Mother Loves Me.It was a very touching photograph of a mother holding her daughter. And to have that as a First Prize on Mother's Day, it was beautiful indeed. Goes well with everything. The Day, Atmosphere, and the picture really was beautiful.

There were other shots too there. Tons of them. Like the 3rd from the left (picture below) Yeah, that's actually about the Cat at the girl's feet. lol. Nothing to do with the girl at all. The girl's like the accessory. I saw the picture and stared straight at the girl and how she just stood there. But when i read the title and saw the cat. An entire story just popped out from the photograph. It was like a missing link.

I enjoyed looking at the photographs, Each one of them had a story to it.

This one here is by Giandomenico Marini, entitled : Michaelangelo and his plastic swimming pool. 
It's from the series, This is Not Rome. 
(guy's not that bad looking)

This is Creature by Maxi Aleshkin. 
From the series : ID Expression

This is by Yeo Li Yin. It's entitled Grandmother with Durian. 
But if you look properly, there's a deeper story in there.
Notice the many rings on her fingers, that symbolizes that she is from a wealthy family. Or once was, or something. The face. The smell of the durian must be bringing back plenty of memories from the old days when she was younger. 

All in all, you can come up with a book just looking at those photos. It's like walking through the valley of storybook land. Each photo has a different adventure for you to behold. Just walk right in. 


  1. Jeremy Says:

    The monkey's sitting there thinking.. WTF?
    I've got no pants on.
    or somethin

  2. Dear Jeremy!!.
    Yeah, exactly we've got different stories. lol.