Spirits of Music, where the Japanese take over Malaysians again. Just like World War2.

Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 2:08 PM
I just got back from the Japanese Rock concert!! It was really good I have to say. This event is hosted by Spirits of Music. They're a sole Japanese based group who focus on ONLY Japanese Music! They're considered to be the BIGGEST Japanese organization in Malaysia. I definitely salute them for that. It's not easy to start something, and after the 1ST J-Rock concert being an ABSOLUTE success at Sunway, they're now touring to spread the Japanese Love.

I really am very impressed with the organizers. Salutations to you all. :)

Anyways, THE PARTY ROCKED! I only stayed long enough for 3 bands, and though different in genres they all showcased the one thing, Japanese music. However before beginning, there was a silent prayer for this person,  Matsumoto "hide" Hideto.    

and then it began!
(Band: Private Number)
First up was Private Number. They're just a small band starting out. Starting in January, they got together and started jamming, sooner or later, they were out and playing with the big boys :). They're songs were executed pretty well. Band was really good i have to say, They're intro was this really cool Naruto song, but they're second (or third?) song,  I was wondering why on earth they were singing a **Chinese Song**? It was a Taiwanese piece by Mayday. Maybe they didn't pay attention in class and didn't know that the japs and chinese are a big nono. lol. But it was a cool band for the opening. I really liked the first song.

 (Band: Flicked Minds)

Next was FLICKED MINDS. Yesh, I has got ye namey rightz.!! lol. It's not my fault i couldn't hear it, the emcee called you guys flickered, , err something :P okok, Zannen Desu, Gomenasai. I LOVED this band! no, Not because Omar(drummer) and Farouk(guitarist) were there, but because they played ONE of my favorite songs!!! I always look forward to listening to it when we're in Omar's car. KURUMAYA-SAN, yeap that's the name. Can never get tired listening to it.

but that's not the reason why I really like it. They were playing different ranges in genres, there was a mix classical japanese song, a jazz piece, a funk? Very well flowed out variety.  They could do anything they wanted to.

FAROUK was sensational I tell you!! There were even guys bending down to worship his guitar playing!!The little jumping jitterbug was all over the place.

(Band: Strawberry Jam)
And the last but of course not the least, Strawberry Jam. I have never heard of them, but they were voted (through a survey, not award) to be the most favorited among the public (so I've heard :D)

And honestly, I can see why they were. They're music playing had an energy to it that the other bands couldn't pull, Like other bands were lively, yes they were, a good feel, great, ..... but there was something deep to Strawberry Jam's metal music. I never really appreciated metal. Listened to it yes, but not really appreciate it, but now i know why people love it. There's just something inside that draws you to itself.  And Strawberry Jam delivered that. It was sensational!. !. ! You should catch them if you can.

Unfortunately I didn't stay for the whole show. We had to go to another band playing at Urbanatic. Xamidos. So we bid our farewells and left. Come for the next J-Rock Show people. You could check out more at this website right here : http://spiritsofmusic.ning.com/