Monday, July 27, 2009 at 9:03 AM

I feel really bad for not updating.
 It's just that I got busy and being a student,
 transport fees are a little too expensive
 for me to get around with. . .  
No worries. I'll try again. 

oh no!! My bad, I forgot to tell you guys of the book fair!!

Friday, May 15, 2009 at 4:44 PM

I forgot to tell you that there's 
another Book Fair going on 
It's called the BIG BAD WOLF SALE!! 

Date : 14-18 May 2009
Time : 10am - 9pm
Venue : Dataran Hamodal 

I checked out the website, and it really has a lot of offers. 
 Jodi Picoult is a widely known author and her books are usually selling at RM 34.90
but now it's gone down to the price of 

This book consists of recipes from around Asia, whether it's Traditional or Modern, 
Jane Price has put together a book for everyday living :)
And we all know that Traditional foods are healthy (most of the time) !!
It'll be good for you. 
This book usually is sold at RM89.90
but lucky you for this book fair. 
It's a freaking RM12.00 LOL!!
Even if we don't want to cook, we can buy the book for the LULZ and give it away as a birthday present to mommy or wifey.

This book was describe to be 

"an unforgettable novel of revenge, conspiracy, and murder that brings a band of unlikely heroes face-to-face with their greatest threat."
Definitely a MUST read I have to say. This is one of those books where you just sit in the corner and stone out the whole day cause you're caught in another world where no one can pull you out of to wash the dishes, mop the floor or do your homeworks. 
It's going to entice your tastebuds for thrill and excitement. 
The 2 elements that if you get from our real world Malaysia, 
we'd probably end up 
1) Dead 
2) IN Prison
3) Caught by the ISA
So lets just stay with the books now shall we :P (lol)
RM 8.00

And at the end of the day, it's an event for EVERYONE, Wifey, Kiddies, Friends, Aunties, Uncles, Long lost Cousins, Grandparents, Great Grand Aunties from  2 families away who shifted twice due to hailstorms in Australia and the deserts and finally the Husband decided to stay in Malaysia due to its natural disasters happening only once in a blue moon :) will have a good time, cause there's something there for everyone. 
So join the book fair and munch on those books just like big bad wolfy, at Big Bad Wolf Books. :) 
Who knows you might find HOT little red riding hood with a brain. :) 

The KL Book Fest 09'

Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 8:51 AM
And after the Photo Awards, I walked up a flight of stairs to....... THE BOOK FAIR.

Books everywhere I tell you, It's like Book Haven


Support your Local Music Scene people!!! CDs


You guys should check out this book. 
You'll find something interesting inside there. 
(am not joking) 


and Yes ladies and gentlemen, no matter what the guy says or categorizes it as love stories or romance novels, or whatever sugar coated nonsense. . . This is still =
But what I really liked about the book fair were
 that there were artsy fartsy artists around selling their wares. 
can you  believe everything sold at the fair was handmade by themselves. 
And they all look so fabulous!
I can't remember the name of the shop, Nofy-something, but the lady there was LOVELY. 
and they had a guest book which I just had to sign in. 
Loving it.
yeap yeap! :) that's me and my personal blog. The Gentle Snail. 

However, what really caught my attention at the fair was this charity stall, Dram Projects. 
I just couldn't stop buying the books there. 
Not only were they cheap, but they were really good books like 
One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell. (i love her)
Bestselling Author of Sex and the City and Lipstick Jungle
And cause it's charity, all money would be going straight to building libraries for children 
The Dram Projects is an organization for THE ARTS, THE ARTS and nothing but THE ARTS!
and that's why I couldn't stop buying the books there!!!
Such brilliant people. 

i had such a great time there.  You guys shouldn't miss out on things like these, they're just so worth the time. :D

The KL Photo Awards 09'

Monday, May 11, 2009 at 8:59 AM
Being an Art Lover, Photographs everywhere tells plenty for inspiration. Photography has always come naturally to me and I love making stories from pictures. One picture holds a thousand words, and some others a novel. It just takes a little spark from somewhere to get it all started, one photo.

It was held nowhere else than the famous Annexe Gallery(CentralMarket). And my day began with the KL Photo Awards 2009.

The KL Photo Awards had the works of photographers put up on the walls here there and everywhere. I was really liking the works that they had there. Some of them were pretty casual, like the everyday things that we do. The ones where we do all the time but take for granted like looking in a mirror or on a photo where the person just woke up. Some however, were very well composed.
Here's the winning shot. :)

It's a piece by Nikt Wong with the Title : We Bloom from the Series: Mother Loves Me.It was a very touching photograph of a mother holding her daughter. And to have that as a First Prize on Mother's Day, it was beautiful indeed. Goes well with everything. The Day, Atmosphere, and the picture really was beautiful.

There were other shots too there. Tons of them. Like the 3rd from the left (picture below) Yeah, that's actually about the Cat at the girl's feet. lol. Nothing to do with the girl at all. The girl's like the accessory. I saw the picture and stared straight at the girl and how she just stood there. But when i read the title and saw the cat. An entire story just popped out from the photograph. It was like a missing link.

I enjoyed looking at the photographs, Each one of them had a story to it.

This one here is by Giandomenico Marini, entitled : Michaelangelo and his plastic swimming pool. 
It's from the series, This is Not Rome. 
(guy's not that bad looking)

This is Creature by Maxi Aleshkin. 
From the series : ID Expression

This is by Yeo Li Yin. It's entitled Grandmother with Durian. 
But if you look properly, there's a deeper story in there.
Notice the many rings on her fingers, that symbolizes that she is from a wealthy family. Or once was, or something. The face. The smell of the durian must be bringing back plenty of memories from the old days when she was younger. 

All in all, you can come up with a book just looking at those photos. It's like walking through the valley of storybook land. Each photo has a different adventure for you to behold. Just walk right in. 

Spirits of Music, where the Japanese take over Malaysians again. Just like World War2.

Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 2:08 PM
I just got back from the Japanese Rock concert!! It was really good I have to say. This event is hosted by Spirits of Music. They're a sole Japanese based group who focus on ONLY Japanese Music! They're considered to be the BIGGEST Japanese organization in Malaysia. I definitely salute them for that. It's not easy to start something, and after the 1ST J-Rock concert being an ABSOLUTE success at Sunway, they're now touring to spread the Japanese Love.

I really am very impressed with the organizers. Salutations to you all. :)

Anyways, THE PARTY ROCKED! I only stayed long enough for 3 bands, and though different in genres they all showcased the one thing, Japanese music. However before beginning, there was a silent prayer for this person,  Matsumoto "hide" Hideto.    

and then it began!
(Band: Private Number)
First up was Private Number. They're just a small band starting out. Starting in January, they got together and started jamming, sooner or later, they were out and playing with the big boys :). They're songs were executed pretty well. Band was really good i have to say, They're intro was this really cool Naruto song, but they're second (or third?) song,  I was wondering why on earth they were singing a **Chinese Song**? It was a Taiwanese piece by Mayday. Maybe they didn't pay attention in class and didn't know that the japs and chinese are a big nono. lol. But it was a cool band for the opening. I really liked the first song.

 (Band: Flicked Minds)

Next was FLICKED MINDS. Yesh, I has got ye namey rightz.!! lol. It's not my fault i couldn't hear it, the emcee called you guys flickered, , err something :P okok, Zannen Desu, Gomenasai. I LOVED this band! no, Not because Omar(drummer) and Farouk(guitarist) were there, but because they played ONE of my favorite songs!!! I always look forward to listening to it when we're in Omar's car. KURUMAYA-SAN, yeap that's the name. Can never get tired listening to it.

but that's not the reason why I really like it. They were playing different ranges in genres, there was a mix classical japanese song, a jazz piece, a funk? Very well flowed out variety.  They could do anything they wanted to.

FAROUK was sensational I tell you!! There were even guys bending down to worship his guitar playing!!The little jumping jitterbug was all over the place.

(Band: Strawberry Jam)
And the last but of course not the least, Strawberry Jam. I have never heard of them, but they were voted (through a survey, not award) to be the most favorited among the public (so I've heard :D)

And honestly, I can see why they were. They're music playing had an energy to it that the other bands couldn't pull, Like other bands were lively, yes they were, a good feel, great, ..... but there was something deep to Strawberry Jam's metal music. I never really appreciated metal. Listened to it yes, but not really appreciate it, but now i know why people love it. There's just something inside that draws you to itself.  And Strawberry Jam delivered that. It was sensational!. !. ! You should catch them if you can.

Unfortunately I didn't stay for the whole show. We had to go to another band playing at Urbanatic. Xamidos. So we bid our farewells and left. Come for the next J-Rock Show people. You could check out more at this website right here :

There are plenty of other ways to party than to get drunk.

Friday, May 8, 2009 at 4:09 PM

Today, is going to be GREAT! I've lined up an exhibition at Annexe. They've got a brilliant dance Marion d'Cruz there (i heard she's one of the pioneers for Malaysia's theatre line) , the KL Book Fest and at night, a JAPANESE ROCK CONCERT!!! WOO HOO!.

This is gonna be fun, See you guys there.

The Light Show

Friday, May 1, 2009 at 5:51 PM
I was at The Annexe Gallery the other day. It was in a quiet secluded spot on the top floor and was so nicely decorated on the inside with LIGHTS.

Headlights by Richard Lau (His Mother Made Him Do It)

The Light Show 09'. It's a Light Sculpture Exhibition showcasing, Lights :D. The main ideology behind the inspirations are Environmentalism. Today in the world, we use lights everywhere, and we take for granted the plastics, glass bottles, wood, energy that we use and to our convenience pollute the environment with our ignorance. There are more ways than to just chuck the work on mother earth. Reduce, Reuse, Recyle. That's basically what the exhibition is all about.

ze firefly lighties...
this is a firefly concept area. :) very cool. 
by Jami Izwan Jamal

He calls it a Kunang-Kunang. It's supposedly an interactive installation based on the movement of fireflies. As you move around the area, the clacking sounds move with you and projects a movement of lights onto the plastic straws above :) 

This here is really really funny. It's called Aksikalibur! YESH! After excalibur. I found it hilarious. It's so  funny. However unlike Excalibur, (found in London), Aksikalibur was found in Borneo!!. It's said to possess magical powers and is associated with the rights of global citizens to have rainforests of the world conserved for the generations to come. When you stick your finger inside the light socket and close your eyes, felled trees would grow again. The mystical powers of Aksikalibur. . !!. I tried it out, but I don't know if I prayed hard enough for the tree to grow :) I hope it did.. LOL. 

Gu-Light 2009 by Fabian Tan 

All in all, I enjoyed the mood very much at Annexe. It was quiet peaceful and the colors very enriching. It took me out of the busy hectic world life I come from and let me just be in a quiet. Oh with the firefly crackling sounds of course. It's just pleasant to sit under the blue lights. You should try it. 
The Light Show is on at the Annexe until the 3rd of May. But you can catch them as they move off to Galeri Tenaga from the 7th till the 23rd of May. You could call Carolyn Lau Carolyn 012-3902446 or email For more information. I think she's one of the main organizers involved :) Shouldn't be a problem.