From the very beginning

Friday, May 1, 2009 at 2:12 AM
Maybe I'm taking on a rather difficult task. But I actually want to. I'm living in a country so diverse in arts and talents that at most of the times we don't even realize it exists because no one blogs about it.

Our bloggers of today, unless they're actually involved with the production of the event, blog about the time they went to the toilet, how they had doughnuts for lunch, clubbing, and who they are seen with. The Malaysian blogging scene is more popularly for a teen culture, that looks like The MTV channel. 

Well I want to break from that. I was looking for bloggers who'd rant about ART. Music especially, but also exhibitions, galleries, dances, street art!!(I admire these people) I couldn't find one decent active blog that spoke about the Malaysian Music Scene or the Arts of Artists or even of Plays and Theartre by Actors and Actresses. 

So I stepped up to the plate, and made one. 
This is how it's going to begin
Artsy Fartsy Malaysia, a blog of The Arts of Malaysia. 


  1. Sharon Says:

    Congrats on starting your blog. It's a great initiative. You're not alone :) If ever you feel like joining forces with ARTERI, we would definitely welcome you as a contributor on our team.

    Think about it?

    In the meantime, we're putting you on our blogroll.

    Sharon from ARTERI

  2. I'll definitely think about it sHAROn.

    I've read your works and all, but wow. THey're so deep. I on the other hand, I'm just writing on layman terms cause I want the public to understand it more. . .
    Most Malaysians probably wouldn't be able to comprehend English on that degree. .

    I would, but i wouldn't write like you guys. :) It's awesome.and wow... but I'm not sure if my style of writing is up to that. ??

  3. hmmmph.
    i think i should send you an email :)